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Universal Declaration of Human Rights

Universal Declaration of Human Rights.jpg
In 1946 the United Nations Economic and Social Council formed the Commission on Human Rights with the goal of producing the document that became the International Declaration of Human Rights. Chaired by Eleanor Roosevelt, the committee worked for…

The Irony of Free Speech

The Irony of Free Speech.png
How free is the speech of someone who can't be heard? Not very - and this, Owen Fiss suggests, is where the First Amendment comes in. In this book, a marvel of conciseness and eloquence, Fiss reframes the debate over free speech to reflect the First…

Reflections on Freedom of Speech and the First Amendment

Reflections on Freedom of Speech and the First Amendment.png
The guarantee of free speech enshrined in the U.S. Bill of Rights draws upon two millennia of Western thought about the value and necessity of free inquiry. Acclaimed legal scholar George Anastaplo traces the philosophical development of the idea of…

Knowledge in the Making: Academic Freedom and Free Speech in America's Schools and Universities

Knowledge in the Making.png
A seat at the table -- Freedom and (or) equality -- Price-fixing in the free marketplace of ideas -- Rainbow before the storm -- Here comes Darwin -- And yet it moves -- The mote and the beam -- All roads lead to Garcetti -- Caution! : paradigms may…

Academic Freedom after September 11

Academic Freedom after September 11.png
A collection of papers presented at the conference, "Academic freedom after September 11," held on February 27, 2004 at the University of California at Berkeley. These papers include general treatments of academic freedom and free speech on college…

The American Student's Freedom of Expression: A Research Appraisal

The American Students Freedom of Expression.png
A study that gathered information from over 800 college campuses through surveys of students, faculty, and administrators regarding the amount of freedom of expression college students have on American campuses.

The Trinity Tripod, Vol. LXVIII, No. 12

Trinity Tripod 1969-10-17 Post Moritorium Issue.pdf
This issue of The Trinity Reporter includes articles regarding the Moratorium rally in Hartford's Bushnell Park on October 15, 1969 and the nationwide protests that went on that same day. Also included are several pages of pictures from the Bushnell…

The Trinity Tripod special Moratorium Issue, Vol. LXVIII, No. 9

Trinity Tripod Moritorium Cover.jpg
This special issue of the Trinity Tripod was published just days before the Vietnam Moratorium march in Hartford's Bushnell Park on October 15, 1969. It features a specially designed cover page as well as articles calling for student participation…

Free Speech for Me - But Not for Thee: How the American Left and Right Relentlessly Censor Each Other

Free Speech for Me but not for Thee.png
This book is not a mere collection of legal cases; neither is it a history of free expression or a polemic from either left or right. It is rather a wide-ranging report on - and analysis of - the many kinds of conflicts throughout our country…

Freedom of Speech: The History of an Idea

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"The essays in this volume portray the public debates concerning freedom of speech in the eighteenth-century in France and Britain as well as Austria, Denmark, Russia, and Spain and its American territories. Representing the views of both moderate…