Career bound

Freshman Ambitions. Interesting Facts Gleaned from English I Themes, Trinity Tripod, November 20, 1914

Of approximately 75 students in the entering freshman class in 1914, 20% were uncertain about their career paths. According to a writing assignment at the time, however, other students had settled on the following goals:

"The most popular profession seems to be medicine. Ten freshmen have t his in view.

Law, as usual, ranks pretty high, there being nine who intend to go to Law School.

Scientific farming, an occupation becoming more and more popular all the time, claims four men.

Three intend studying to be teachers.

The same number are contemplating chemistry.

Although there seems to be an unwarranted popular notion that Trinity is somewhat akin to a Theological Seminary, there are only two freshmen who intend to go into the ministry.

Two men hope to receive government appointments, one to the Diplomatic Service and one to the Consular Service.

Of those in the entering class who hope to become engineers, six are studying to be civil engineers, three for mechanical and two for electrical engineering.

Twelve men are going into business. A large number, about twenty percent, have not decided what they are going to do."