Course Offerings

Trinity College advertisement, Trinity Tripod, April 7, 1914

The Trinity Tripod ran an advertisement each week for those considering study at Trinity. The Library collections received top billing. Next, science laboratories and classroom facilities gave the college bragging rights, as well as course offerings in electrical engineering, civil engineering, industrial chemistry, and medicine. The ad also promotes "extensive courses" in mathematics, ancient and modern languages, economics, history, ethics, and philosophy. 

New Course in Mechanics, Trinity Tripod, January 20, 1914

In keeping with modern technology of the times, the college began offering a new course in mechanics, in which "subjects to be taken up include: graphical and analytical methods for finding moments and centroids, friction and lubrication, velocity and acceleration diagrams, brakes and dynamometers, mechanism trains, toothed gearing, belt, rope, and chain gearing, balancing."