Aerial view of Trinity

Aerial view of campus, Trinity Ivy, 1914

Aerial view of the campus looking west from Broad Street toward the Long Walk and the hills in the distance. On the left (south) end of the Long Walk, is Jarvis Laboratory and Boardman Hall. Currently, Austin Arts Center and Gates Quad are located where these buildings once stood. To the right of the long walk is Alumni Hall, which stood on the site of the present-day Admissions building. Jarvis, Boardman, and Alumni Hall were all demolished by the 1960s. 

This panoramic view is thought to have been done for the firm of Littig & Co. by an artist named Richard Rummel (1848-1924). Rummel did similar views of many of the colleges and universities in the northeast and may have worked from a balloon. The originals reportedly were done in watercolor and engraved on copper plates. There are three or four hand-colored views existing on campus and several sepia-toned versions. Lesser quality images in different sizes were photo-reproduced on glossy paper stock. The images were used as gifts for a fund-raising campaign.