Football team. Trinity Ivy 1914

Football, baseball, track, tennis, and hockey were all played at Trinity in 1914, with varying degrees of success. Pictured here are the football, track, and tennis teams. The football team was apparently one of the more formidable teams.

The October 20, 1914 Tripod described a game played recently:

"Saturday afternoon Trinity took part in a real football game. The team was "there" to the nth degree of "there"ness. Battling with a heavier team on a soggy field and with a slippery ball, Trinity's eleven put up a truly great exhibition. Amherst also was very much "there", but it may be said in all fairness that the Massachusetts eleven was outplayed most of tbe way. The Trinity men who accompanied their team to Amherst gave a splendid display of "pep" and spirit. The cheering of the seventy-five Trinity men in the bleachers at Amherst Saturday surpassed that of the whole college body in any home game in years-which was quite some cheering."

Track team. Trinity Ivy 1914
Tennis team. Trinity Ivy, 1914