Intellectual and Social Engagement: the "Smoker"

Junior Smoker. First of Series of Smokers held Monday Night at the I. K. A. Trinity Tripod, February 20, 1914

"Smokers" were informal gatherings of students and faculty, during which a lecture might be given, or concert or play performed, discussions took place, and of course, everyone smoked. The January 23, 1914 issue of the Tripod, provides a general description of one of these events:

"Last Monday evening the first  college smoker of the year was held in Alumni Hall. It was featured by a lecture, illustrated by stereopticon views, by Professor Perkins, and was a success in every way. Alumni Hall  was well filled, nearly every man in college being present, as well as several members of the faculty and many guests. There were the speeches, songs and general good time which are incidental to smokers. In addition, there was some business relating to the  tennis association which was satisfatorily transacted."

At left, the Tripod provides an account of another smoker held for members of the class of 1915:

"The semi-impossible was accomplished in our very midst Monday night, at the I. K. A. house, when good fellowship, expurgated punch, and Fatimas (no advertisement) buried the hatchet and amicably joined forces with the Latin literature, as entertainingly expounded by Professor Leroy C. Barrett; in making enjoyable the occasion of the first of the smokers of the class of 1915."