Deep History: the Architecture of Past and Present



Deep History: the Architecture of Past and Present


Humans have always been interested in their origins, but historians have been reluctant to write about the long stretches of time before the invention of writing. In fact, the deep past was left out of most historical writing almost as soon as it was discovered. This breakthrough book, as important for readers interested in the present as in the past,brings science into history to offer a dazzling new vision of humanity across time. Team-written by leading experts in a variety of fields, it maps events, cultures, and eras across millions of years to present a new scale for understanding the human body, energy and ecosystems, language, food, kinship, migration, and more. Combining cutting-edge social and evolutionary theory with the latest discoveries about human genes, brains, and material culture, Deep History invites scholars and general readers alike to explore the dynamic of connectedness that spans all of human history. --from the University of California Press


Andrews Shryock
Daniel Lord Smail
Timothy K. Earle

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Andrews Shryock, Daniel Lord Smail, and Timothy K. Earle, “Deep History: the Architecture of Past and Present,” Trinity College Library, accessed June 15, 2021,